Proposing A Solution Essay Topics: 10 Best Suggestions

It may seem that everyone knows what people in positions of power should do to fix the problems of the organisations that they run. At times such musings are spot on and the issues being dealt with are clearly the result of incompetent leadership. Other times the problems themselves are so convoluted that untangling them to arrive at any sort of meaningful resolution is too involved a task to undertake successfully in a single lifetime. In the field of essay writing, it is possible to put pen to paper and give an idea of how things could be fixed by proposing solutions. This requires:

  • A complete understanding of the problem at hand
  • Many problems persist because they have been repeatedly misdiagnosed and as such are treated with the wrong remedies. Do the research on whatever problem you are looking into.

  • Willingness to look into unconventional solutions
  • Complacency or strict adherence to tradition can halt progress and disguise perfectly useful means of eliminating problems. This can also occur when the source of this remedy is one that is not well liked or an actual enemy.

  • A realistic timeline for implementation
  • If a problem can only be fixed over the course of a century then policy makers should be honest about this and create plans that look that far ahead. In your writing is important that you reflect the scope of the project that must be undertaken.

Here are ten excellent topics under this theme:

  1. How decriminalisation of all illegal drugs could be used to decimate crime rates and rehabilitate billions of people worldwide
  2. A look at human powered vehicles as a method of curbing the obesity epidemic and making the transportation industry 90% emission free
  3. How the land currently allocated to pastures can be successfully reforested if invasive insects were converted to meat
  4. A look at the cosmetic industry and how more natural products could be used to stop toxins entering the oceans
  5. Home-schooling as a means of encouraging emotional intelligence and free thought
  6. Space travel as a means of escaping a damaged Earth
  7. Could a radical shift in the Food industry's laws lead to decreases in lifestyle illnesses?
  8. Could the promotion of a less materialistic culture result in an increase in wealth for the poor?
  9. Living within forests as a way of curbing deforestation
  10. Self-driving cars: Eliminating road fatalities once and for all

Pick wisely because they all require evidence to support their assertions.