Main Points You To Be Included In An Essay About Abortion In The Philippines

Abortion in Philippines is a point of debate for many sociologists and equal rights activists for a couple of decades now. If you are about to write an essay on the topic, you will find a host of topic ideas on the internet. A thesis or article on the issue is likely to take the shape of an argumentative or discursive piece. Therefore, you should do a lot of research on the topic to impress your examiners.

As a bare minimum, you need to use census data collected from authentic sources such as government portals, province-wise historical data and general Philippines abortion data. Here’s what else you need to include in your college article.

  • Do not let your prejudices come between you and your article
  • If you are a Christian catholic, chances are there that you abhor abortion, and there are good reasons to hate it. However, while writing a college level article, do not let your prejudices flow in. This is because your examiners would expect you to write an article that is devoid of any notion or prejudice that is expressly yours or the religious group, community or sect you represent. Keep it fact-based and score well in exams.

  • Furnish hard numbers
  • Hard numbers, or statistical data, speak a lot better than assertive sentences and arguments. If you want to bring some substance in your article, you got to import a lot of data in your article. For this, you need to visit a lot of government websites and portal. Apart from that, you need to gather data from independent study reports and survey results.

  • Establish your argument based on facts
  • If you are trying to draw some conclusion, do it based on real facts and do not just rely on your writing skills. You may be good at expressing your thought articulately but college essays don’t stand a chance to beget high scores if they are not replete with real facts and fact based information. Not always you have to provide hard numbers. But you can always establish your arguments based on facts.

Finally, you need to pay special attention to the format and mechanism of your article as your examiners might deduct marks if they find a lousily formatted article with no adherence to university guidelines and format requirements. Proofread your article twice and edit the parts that you feel are not perfect.