Never trust cheap essay writing agencies

It's not uncommon in the slightest for today's students to seek out an essay writing agency in order to help them save time. Students today often have many more responsibilities, burdens, and claims on their time than those in the past. Despite the fact that they have many more conveniences than past students, they're also often expected to work full time jobs and complete more onerous research projects in order to get good grades, thanks to the greater availability of information. This can lead to students simply not having time to write their own essays.

Essay Writing Services: Pros and Cons

Of course, there are certain pros and cons involved in choosing an essay writing service to save time. For those students unfamiliar with hiring a service, their first complaint is frequently related to what they perceive as the high cost of the more popular essay writing services. With a bit of research, they find that there are other services which offer essay writing at much lower fees. However, in focusing on price, they're overlooking other negatives that come with choosing an agency to provide their essays. For example, there's the risk of being labelled a plagiarist thanks to advance software which compares student essays against billions of other documents. There's also the risk of being scammed by an online business, because it's very easy for businesses online to disappear overnight. Finally, there's the simple risk of receiving a very low quality essay or not receiving it in time for your assignment deadline.

Correlation Between Cost and Quality

There are certainly high priced essay agency scams out there, but they're relatively rare. On the other hand, very cheap essay writing agencies can nearly all be classed as scams in one way or another. Why is this? The very reasons that students wish to find an agency to write their essay are the same reasons these essays are frequently quite costly. Essays are time consuming, and writing a quality essay also requires a certain level of education. Writers expect to be paid reasonably for their time, and the more they've invested in their education, the higher their rates will be.

Problems With Cheap Essay Writing Agencies

More often than not a cheap essay writing agency provides (if they provide anything at all) a plagiarized essay or one written by someone uneducated or for whom English is not their first language.