How to find 100% original essays

With improvements in information and communication technology, anyone with an internet connection and a website can claim to have original essays. Every essay writing program, company or individual claims that the essays they write are original. They usually throw in the word plagiarism knowing how important this aspect is especially in the academic world. The customer looking for original essays should be extremely careful when buying. Here are some tips that the customer can follow if they are to find original essays.


Consultation is a useful tool in this case when someone is looking for an original essay. There is most likely that one or those few friends that one knows who have gone through this same process and have come out wiser. Word of mouth can be useful when looking for individuals, companies or writing services that provide original essays.


When researching on the best writing services, looking them up on the net can be very helpful. There are many sites that write about, rate and have comments about the competence of the most likely writing services that one can use. Not everyone goes back to rate the writing service that they have used, but for those who do, they are brutally honest. Through these reviews, one can get an idea of the landscape.

The purchasing process

The best method of getting essays is when the customer participates actively in the process of purchasing the essay. They should choose those writing services that offer them a chance to sample the work of the writer they are using. Also they should request regular updates on the work being done for them, and at the end, have a provision for returning their work to the people they bought it from if it does not meet their requirements in terms of originality.

Request proof of originality

There are many tools that are available even online that can be used to gauge the originality of a paper and see if it satisfies the customer. In many of these tools, there are reports that one can receive at the end of the review. The customer should request for these reports and see for themselves if the paper they found is truly original or if the people selling them are a hoax.

Research shows that the prices individuals, especially students, pay for these services are generally above what they should be able to afford. This means they are normally desperate when buying these papers. In the desperation, though, the students should exercise care.