Essays For College - 10 Tips For Freshmen

Are you a college student who is just getting started on his or her freshman year? Are you working through the transition of being in high school to being a part of a larger community at a college or university? While you are working through this complicated process of becoming an adult and more responsible for yourself than you maybe were in high school, you are going to have to make some transitions academically as well. While your teachers in high school worked very hard to get you prepared for the type of writing that you were going to be expected to complete in college, you still will have a lot of information to refresh yourself on, as well as the new information that you are going to be presented by each individual professor. Some of the best tips that you will be able to follow include:

  • You are going to need to first reference the specific guidelines that each professor give to you in regards to expectations and formatting
  • While you probably used MLA format for every class in high school, you are going to need to acquaint yourself with the different types of formatting for papers for other concentrations in college
  • You will be able to set up conferences with your professors in regards to assignments that you need help with
  • If you think you are in danger of getting worse grades then you want, then you will have to keep on your professor to get help
  • The professor is not going to chase after you in order to get the information that you need them to have
  • You are going to need to take more responsibility and accountability over your grades when you are in college
  • There will be study groups that you can go to in order to get the peer editing that you might need for a specific assignment
  • You will be able to access help for essays at the writing services department at your college or university
  • If you are in need of serious help it could pay off to get tutored
  • If you are going to miss a deadline or if you are struggling with writing it might help to hire a professional writer to complete the writing assignments for you

These are the best ten tips for freshmen to think about when they are working through the transitional period of going from high school to college.