Where To Look For Great Examples Of Comparison And Contrast Essays

Comparison and contrast essays are unique in that they require the writer to understand similarities and differences in concepts, processes or ideas. This means wide knowledge and a unique presentation style. Getting an excellent example of comparison and contrast essay may therefore be a difficult task. There are few credible sources of quality academic papers that will serve as a sample.

  1. Online Academic Resource Agencies
  2. There are numerous agencies offering academic resources online. Some are subscription based while others offer the resources for free. A quick internet search will reveal incredible samples of comparison and contrast essays. How do you determine if the sample is credible?

    • A clear and academic format- this format includes proper order of introductory paragraph, body and conclusion, proper citations, academic language and referencing.
    • Comments by supervisor- some samples are real with corrections and directions given by the supervisor. Other will indicates the marks awarded to signal quality. Take note of the instructions and implement them when writing your own.
    • Gives the formatting style- there are different formatting styles including MLA and APA. An example of a comparison and contrast essay will indicate the formatting style used. This helps you to make the right choice.

    Some online agencies contain samples written for commercial purposes. They do not follow the guidelines given and are therefore likely to mislead you. You should be aware of unique instructions issued by your department and incorporate them when writing your final copy. A sample is only supposed to guide you.

  3. School Library
  4. University libraries are useful sources of reference materials. Their indexing method makes it easy to trace a comparison and contrast essay in whichever discipline you are studying. You might also seek the help of the resident librarian to get a copy in case you are not familiar with the system used to search. The examples are stocked from different sources after thorough vetting to ensure that they are credible.

  5. From your tutor
  6. Tutors have a range of academic materials for different levels that can be used as samples. They are conversant with the rules regarding presentation and formatting for the university, faculty or department and will therefore provide reliable samples. They may be in possession of previous works or refer you to a source with adequate resources. Their academic and moral responsibility over their students ensures that you get a reliable copy or guidance on where to get one.