American Marketing Association

As marketing association, academia and marketing visionaries established the American Marketing Association in 1937. AMA is an individuals' as well as organizations' professional association, which leads the practice, development and teaching of marketing knowledge globally. The association now with more than 300,000 members has become one of the largest associations of marketing in the world. The members who form the association teach, work and study marketing in various parts of the world.

AMA has received enormous trust as a valuable resource for academics and marketers. To its clients it has become an excellently credible marketing resource, which enables to stay with relevant training, knowledge, and tools for enhancing lifelong learning and obtaining valuable connections and information.

AMA works in marketing research where it is a bridge linking the public, customer and consumer to the marketer via information. The information applies in the identification and defining of marketing problems and opportunities. According to Mick, Information also helps in generating, refining and evaluating marketing actions. It is also crucial in monitoring performance of marketing and the improvement of marketing understanding process.

American Marketing Association has a Board of Directors, which is a crucial mechanism of governance. The board has a role of providing strategic guidance, advice and direction for the marketing association. The board also provides fiduciary oversight, which protects the association business property. Rick Dow is the current Chairperson for BringMeTheNews in the association while Ric Sweeney is the Chairperson-Elect, University of Cincinnati.

The American Marketing Association has made international alliances by creating alliances with crucial organizations in the world. An international alliance member organization carries thousands of professionals concerned with marketing. These now form part of an extended global community. AMA has formed alliances with organizations such as the Asia Marketing Federation, the European Marketing Academy and the Marketing Association of Spain.

Members can be marketers, college students, academic or doctoral students. AMA members receive comprehensive, timely perspectives and information that are rarely found elsewhere. This also comes with tools, resources and connections, to help members excel in their careers in, the marketing arena. Members can take advantage of both national and local discounts of many services and products. There are various extensive offer categories by AMA such as travel, insurance, entertainment, business services, shopping and career services.

The American Marketing Association has trustees and emeritus trustees. Some of the trustees include Jerome D. Williams and William Cron. Emeritus trustees include Kenneth Bernhardt and Stephen Brown amongst others.