Writing essays: structure and organization

Along with skill writing and style for writing an effective essay you must also be aware of the selection of a suitable structure for your essay. A good essay is only accomplished easily when you have good planning for the essay. If you know that which structure you are going to choose then it makes easier and clear how you will address the question. It makes clear and defines your ideas well. The essay structure will also depict the main ideas of the essay and how those ideas are relevant to each other. The following structure helps to write your opinion and point of view effectively. Introduction of the essay will be as follows:

  1. You must raise the interest of the reader in your essay by narrating your thesis statement very effectively and clearly at the very start of the essay.
  2. Give a brief description of what perspective of the question you take in the essay and how you are going to deal with it.
  3. Define major terms and also explain if you feel it necessary.
  4. The main issues to be addresses should be identified.

Main body of the essay and argument:

Main body of the essay comprises of the points that you have first established in the introduction. The main body of essay will contain paragraphs which will explain the arguments you have settled to prove your stance of the topic. After the introductory paragraph, each paragraph should explain one argument and narrate details about it. It is best if you can add facts and figures about the relevant argument of your topic. The facts and figures make your essay more realistic and help you provide strong grounds for your arguments. Remember that each paragraph should connect to previous one. For that you can make the first sentence an interactive sentence which will act as a connection.

Conclusion of the essay:

The conclusion of the essay is the last brick in the structure and is very important. Impression of an essay is usually determined by the quality and persuasiveness of its starting and concluding paragraphs. The concluding paragraph must contain the following details.

  1. It must be able to sum up the whole essay.
  2. You should state your general conclusion in it.
  3. Describes the importance or significance of your arguments.
  4. It should not contain anything new.