Wiccan Traditions

For hundreds of years, wiccans have been surrounded by mystery and misconception. Considered to be a very heavy sin, witchcraft has been put to the wall not once during the entire history of the Western world and the harsh truth is that not even today do all the people out there truly understand Wicca, the Wiccan religion and its followers.

All in all, there are several Wiccan traditions out there and each of them has its particular traits. Although connected by a core body of basic beliefs, these denominations and/or traditions have their different characteristics and looking into some of them may help people understand what Wicca really is.

Celtic Wicca is one of the most commonly known traditions out there and it is based on Celtic mythology and Celtic customs that are embodied in a Wiccan structure of beliefs. Wicca itself was established in the 1950s by Gerald Gardner and, originally, it was not considered to be Celtic in nature, but only to have certain elements that were of Celtic origins. What Celtic Wiccans nowadays do is basically follow the same "basic" Wiccan traditions while emphasizing on what they know to be of Celtic origins.

Alexandrian Wicca is also very well-known out there, even by those who do not necessarily follow these beliefs. Established in the 1960s by Alex Sanders, Alexandrian Wicca is very similar to the "original" Wicca established by Gerald Gardner as well. As a Neopagan-inspired system of religious beliefs and same as the other Wiccan traditions out there, the Alexandrian Wicca strongly emphasizes on the bipolarity of the world. For Wiccans following this set of beliefs, the world is split between the masculine and the feminine and this can be very well seen in the Sabbatical ceremonies they follow.

If the previously-mentioned traditions were both started in the United Kingdom, the Blue Star Wicca (characterized by a blue septagram) was started in the United States and it is there where it gained the most popularity. Somewhere in between Gardenian Wicca and Alexandrian Wicca, this particular tradition of the Wiccan religion has managed to become extremely popular due to its two famous members: Tzipora Klein and Kenny Klein, two folk singers who went on a tour through America promoting songs inspired by the Blue Star Wicca ceremonies. This way, they found new covens along the road and they attracted them towards the Blue Star Wicca tradition.