Crafting An Interesting Five-Paragraph Essay About Julius Caesar

Before writing an essay about Julius Caesar, make sure you understand what task the teacher is asking. The teacher can be asking you to write about the Shakespearean play "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar" or they can be asking you to write the biography of Caesar. Either way, it makes for some interesting writing. Julius Caesar was an interesting man who made contributions that changed the Roman Empire as well as contributions to the society of today (i.e. the calendar). If unsure about what direction to go about the essay, some suggestions are provided below.

  • The life of Julius Caesar
    • This will be the safe route. You can talk about his life from childhood to adulthood touching on some major points in his life. Essentially, you will be giving a very general overview of Caesar, his family, life and contributions to Roman society.
  • Caesar's military conquests and accomplishments
    • There are some famous conquests and invasions that he headed. Provide more details regarding these. If you were interested in military battles of history, this would be the one you can have fun writing about.
  • Compare and contrast his relationship with his wives and his male counterparts
    • If told to write on the play, this is a possible topic to tackle. Caesar had many relationships with those around him. Relationships with his wives, mistresses, generals, and close friends (ex. Octavius, Augustus).
  • The changes made to the Roman empire during the reign of Caesar
    • Rome before Caesar was a republic but during his reign, it became the empire we still speak of today. Explain the changes that happened during this time of change.
  • Caesar's influence over many during life and after death
    • A man like Caesar obviously held some authority over the masses. Even after death, his changes held sway to those who ruled after him. How far did his vision travel?
  • The conspiracy that lead to Caesar's assassination
    • This will be coming from the play as well. What was it about Julius Caesar that led the Senators to conspire to end his life?
  • Caesar's role as a successful politician and general
    • It is obvious Caesar was both a successful politician and general. You can explain what it was about him and what he did to ensure his success?
  • Caesar's programs of both social and governmental reform
    • As an emperor, Caesar made changes to the Republic. Provide some details regarding the laws and reforms he enacted.

Julius Caesar, one of the history's greatest generals. Writing about him (or about the Shakespearean play about him), allows for different topics to arise. It all just depends on your imagination and how you decide to spin the topic to make it interesting.