How Cellphones Have Changed US Socially

In the 90's there were a number of different strides in technology that were all working toward a more mobile way of living. There was the car phone that gave customers the ability to make calls from the car by using the phone that was located in the armrest between the driver and the passenger. Then there was the mobile phone that had a battery and connectivity device that was located in a large bag that was carried by the customer. Both devices created a situation where the customer would be able to make and receive calls when he or she was out of the home; however, there was still a long way to go before it became convenient. Since, there have been huge developments that have made cell phones smaller, lighter, more heavily connected to the Internet, GPS enabled, and much more.

All of the developments in the functionality of cell phones have really changed the way that people interact with one another socially. There is no longer an environment of friends hanging out with each other without the ability to connect with anyone else. Now you will notice everyone checking their phones constantly instead of completely unplugging with their company. People tend to carry their cell phones in their hands any time that it can physically be done, instead of carrying them in their purse, or pocket. It seems as though people are constantly waiting for messages or alerts, and updating social media sites from cell phones regularly. Cell phones have changed the way that people interact socially with each other and how they act when they are alone. People do not call each other as much with the implementation of text messaging and social media accessible via mobile devices.

Since cell phones have become hugely popular over the last two decades, people have evolved in the methods they use to interact and communicate. As a society, people are becoming less verbal, and more interactions through text and images are occurring. Proper English is suffering because of the fact that there is "text speak" that is a socially acceptable way of communicating that abbreviates words that are commonly used like "you" becomes "u" and "are" becomes "r" in texting. It is often feared that the use of technology will replace one's need or desire to physically engage with other people on a regular basis in the future.