Seeking Expert Essay Help From Your Peers

No matter a student's level of academic aptitude, they have strengths and weaknesses unique from their peers. Often, one student's area of inexperience or difficulty can be a fellow student's prime area of expertise, and in such cases, it is prudent for the less comfortable student to enlist their expert peer's help. Peer tutoring is an excellent source of academic assistance as well as a valuable pedagogical technique, after all, as the student who provides the instruction learns something alongside the student receiving help.

This does bring an important question to mind, however: how can a student persuade a peer expert to help them with a tricky assignment, such as a term paper or essay? Here are some suggestions.

Offer Something in Return

If you are in need of essay assistance from a fellow student, recognize that you are asking for a big favor. Tutoring a peer is time intensive and can be frustrating, and not every talented student is also a talented instructor. To show your appreciate and to make up for the inconvenience, offer something in return for your peer's help. If they struggle in a different academic area in which you excel, volunteer to assist them in that subject. If the student needs help with homework or extra curricular activities (such as logging volunteer hours), offer that help up freely.

Be Gracious

If you are asking a peer for writing help, you should be very thankful and gracious if your fellow student does, in fact, agree to provide it. Thank your peer tutor and treat them politely, even if you are frustrated with the assignment and have trouble understanding your tutor's instruction. When you have finished working with your tutor, give them a considerate, reasonable gift, such as a gift card for a coffee shop or a gas card. This will demonstrate that you appreciated their time and assistance, and will make them more willing to help you again.

Be Flexible

Be willing to work around your tutor's schedule. Remember, they are doing you a big favor by helping you with your writing assignment, and you should be responsive to their other needs and responsibilities. If you can, offer to pick your peer up or to meet them wherever they like. If your peer tutor needs to reschedule a meeting or can only meet very late or very early in the day, do not complain or try to change their plans. If they prefer to work online rather than in person, accept those terms. By being open minded and cooperative, you will be able to foster a longstanding tutoring relationship.