Persuasive essays topics: a list of creative ideas

One of the most interesting types of articles that you will be asked to write is a persuasive essay. In this essay format, you will be asked to make a stand on a topic and then persuade your audience to agree with your stance. It is an interesting and fun essay format because you can include your opinions. It is an easier format too because it is rather easier to tell someone why you believe in a topic.

Controversial topics are great for this type of essay because they have two sides that are strong with neither of the two being correct or right. These issues are all concerned with perception and what people believe. There could be just as many people that think that the issue is right than those that think that it is wrong.

Controversial issues to write about:

  1. Animal furs
  2. Many animals are killed for their fur or for their tusks. The only way to prevent this from happening is to lose the market for these products. Should there be laws against wearing animal fur? Should it be a personal choice?

  3. Animal Testing
  4. Many animals are used for testing vaccines for deadly diseases. If the cure doesn't work, they end up suffering and dying from the disease. Since there isn't another way to test these vaccines is a few deaths worth saving the lives of many?

  5. Abortion
  6. The woman's right to choose over the right of the unborn has been a controversial issue for some time. It is a good one to choose as long as you feel the same for all circumstances. For example, if you think that it should be okay only in the case of rape, choose another topic because you really are sitting the fence on the issue.

  7. Doctor Assisted Suicide
  8. This is a controversial issue because people do not believe that doctors should take the lives of their patients because they want them too and others disagree because it will be too hard to draw the line. Others support the idea because if we can put our pets down when they are suffering shouldn't we show the same mercy for ourselves?

These controversial issues are great for persuasive essays. Your thesis statement will show which side you are on and then it is your job to prove why you chose that side.