How to Find Essays Written by Students

You're done. You refuse to write another essay - refuse to give in, again, to the redundant and uninspired system of education that heaps meaningless assignments on you all day long. You're tired of essays and you just want to be rid of them! Luckily, you know that essays written by students are available. You can turn in a student's essay - it just doesn't necessarily have to be written by you, specifically! You can find essays written by other students and simply use them as your own!

Here's the only problem. What if you don't know where to go searching for student essays? What if you've never bought or used an essay from another student before, and you're anxious about attempting to find one? Relax. Finding essays written by students is nothing like finding a needle in a haystack. It's more like finding a great essay in a small stack of papers! It can be a little difficult, but with a few tips and some dedication, you can find essays written by students quickly and smartly. Below are three ways that you can find great student essays in any possible scenario:

  • Use an online writing service. Odds are, more than a few past or present students work for online writing services - so finding a general essay by a student at these locations will be pretty simple. At the same time, online writing services often offer students essays for purchase, along with custom written essays. If they don't have the essays themselves, they'll at least know where you can search to find them (it's part of their trade, after all). Many companies that let you buy essays, however, have student essays readily available to their customers.
  • Search for your specific topic and essay. It's not enough to just find a place where you can buy student essays. You'll probably need a very specific assignment that even the best companies may not carry. When you search online for these essays, use specific search terms like 'Revolutionary War essay' or 'essay about the relationship between age and optimism.' You'll be able to narrow down your results far quicker and find that excellent essay with less trouble.
  • Go to the students themselves. This may be impossible for students in some areas, but it is a realistic option elsewhere. Sometimes, individual students (with entrepreneurial intentions) will start selling original essays on their own. They can be found at their individual sites or even through an original means - through immediate contact. Most students are discreet about doing this, though, so you'll have to work pretty hard and pretty carefully to find individual purveyors like this.