How To Create A Winning Reflective Evaluation Essay

Writing is tough but becomes even more so when the topic of choice is yourself. Here are a few simple tips to make the process easier on you to craft a remarkable evaluation essay.

  • Compile a few exceptional samples
  • Many students have written this exact type of paper in the past. Look for their work from as many sources as you can. Ask your friends to see their old essays if they are good writers. Your teacher ma have saved up a good stash over the years and if you are e polite you may be granted access to these. In a pinch, you can even do a basic web search. As simple and quick as this method is, you can find millions of results in an instant

  • Take note of the best aspects of each of them
  • You can learn from the writers of these samples. Granted their lives were all different from each other and from you but there will be things in their style that you can adopt. Even the general flow of the writing can become an inspiration to you if you were uncertain of how to progress.

  • Have a firm idea of who you are
  • Given that you have just read the very well written descriptions of other people, you should be better able to give one of yourself. Think far beyond your physical appearance unless this in some way has impacted your educational experience significantly.

  • Catalog your achievements/accomplishments succinctly
  • Once you know what you are about you can begin to list the things about yourself that make you proud. They may not be what is expected but as you are the one doing the evaluating, this choice is in your hands.

  • Relate them to your reader’s interest
  • You will still need to ensure that your work means something to the reader. If they are an educational institute, ensure that what you write feels academic.

  • Do a test run and get feedback from someone in the know
  • Write the whole essay as a draft and ask someone who knows good writing if you have succeeded. They should be willing to let you know where you fell short and what aspects were well executed but perhaps need a bit more emphasis.

A good self evaluation requires a great deal of honesty with oneself so be true to who you are.