List Of Interesting 5-Paragraph Expository Essay Topics

Essays have a decent outlook because they resort to a certain structure which they abide by in most cases. Yes, the length of the essay varies; in accordance to the standard it is meant for. A middle school student may be asked to write a 3-paragraph piece but from high school onwards; 5 paragraphs are the general buzz.

  • Meat to graft
  • Now, while selecting 5-paragraph expository essays, you need to keep in mind that the topical theme should have enough meat in it to diffract for 3 paragraphs. This will leave space for Introduction and Conclusion for the necessary 5 paragraphs.

  • Tracing curiosity levels
  • There, thus, is need to pick up those topics which arouse natural curiosity in students. Otherwise, they may not be driven to find out more about the theme and resultantly fill the essay with frills and fallacies. Responsibility of the selector gets immense.

  • Limitations of exposition
  • Now, since the essays are expository in nature, there won't be any scope for conflict or argument. Argumentative pieces are extremely elastic and can be stretched at will. Expository pieces, on the other hand, are quite stiff and unless their main-frame allows strenuous space for research, you would find it hard to stretch it to 5 paragraphs.

  • Facility of opinion
  • You can take the cue and seek expository pieces in opinionated subjects, where there is always scope for mental acuity and intrusions. You can also post your perspectives on certain theories, even if they are established. You will not get the same leverage in exact science topics.

  • Strive for direction
  • Try taking the linear route; clearly defining the role of each paragraphs and starting each paragraph with a stolid yet compact enclosure. Your piece will then have a resonant vector and will lead to a successful culmination. You should seek to emphasize major points in bullets or numbers.

Here are 10 compact expository essays for your reference

  1. Water plays a significant part in strict diet regimen
  2. African countries like Kenya are developing like 1st World Countries
  3. Most deadly ailments originate from Africa
  4. Games like Golf make you more strategic than say, Basketball
  5. Steroids should be allowed to body-builders but in regulation
  6. Diabetes and Obesity are lifestyle diseases
  7. Global teaching approaches require a complete makeover
  8. Violence and sex should be realistically shown in movies to make the society aware
  9. Medical negligence is a more serious matter than road accidents
  10. Teen pregnancy has jeopardized the precept of abortion