Berlin Wall Fall: Diplomatic Activity From The Soviet Union's Perspective

Much like any country through out history, Germany had its fair share of struggle and discord through out the people at one time or another. When the country was working through the aftermath of the Nazis and all of the pain and damage that they had done, there was a wall put up that helped to separate eastern Germany from western Germany. This wall was called the Berlin Wall and was constructed because of the fact that many people were not convinced that the Nazi's had been fully taken care of. There are a couple of elements of the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961, and its fall in 1990 that the Soviet Union has a unique perspective on.

The Berlin Wall represented more than a separation of the land that was divided in Germany. This wall was a physical representation of the separation of the people and the government on both sides of the wall. This was not a positive element of the way that the country functioned. There were specific points on the wall that were guarded so that people could pass through. The wall was constructed to serve a purpose and make a point; however, the longer it stood the longer it appeared that the country was not unified and therefore weak. When it comes to the liberation of parts of the German nation, there were many civilians and members of the pro-Soviet governments that were very pleased about this milestone. When it was finally announced that the wall could come down and that the Nazis were taken care of, there was a great celebration. There was a sea of activists who went to the Berlin Wall and climbed all around it and on top of it. This happened in 1989, and the wall was actually physically taken down a year later.

While the Berlin Wall was constructed for a specific purpose, the German people could not wait for the day that it could be taken down. This was a dark point in the German history that the Germans are happy that it is over. When it comes to a union of the people and their government, the Berlin Wall was a physical representation of the discord and vulnerability of the country at that time. It too thirty years for the country to reach a point of unity after the Nazis and the violence of that time.