5 Steps For Creating A Short Argumentative Essay

Been wanting to get started on that argumentative essay but dreading the idea of needing at least six pages to finish it? The thought can certainly be exhausting and misleading for that matter. Who ever said an argumentative essay had to be long? Here are 5 steps for creating a short argumentative essay:

  1. Get Straight to the Point
  2. Having a specific thesis statement can assist with keeping you focused on the path for you essay. If your thesis is a long and drawn out overstatement that doesn't quite hit the nail on the head for what you'll be arguing in your essay, chances are you'll get lost in your own ramblings and so will your reader. Having a direct thesis statement saves you time and space on the paper, not to mention giving you a good start to a hopefully strong essay.

  3. Be Direct With Your Evidence
  4. Obviously, the more evidence you have to support your points and discredit the opposing side, the more effective you'll be in swaying your audience. However, sometimes too much unfocused evidence presents itself as a negative rather than a positive. When selecting the evidence you want to use in your case against the other side, focus on the strongest evidence and eliminate the weakest.

  5. Create Clear Connections Between Evidence and Points
  6. Each piece of evidence you present should have a clear connection to the point you're trying to make against the opposing side. Avoid overdramatizing connections, rather point evidence A to point A as efficiently as possible and move on to the next part of your essay.

  7. Follow Your Outline
  8. The only way to create a captivating argumentative essay is to draft an outline before starting to write. This will give you a focused path to follow and get you through any experiences of writer's block. Make sure you utilize your outline as much as possible.

  9. End with a Concise Conclusion

There's no need to ramble about the points you've made in your essay up to this point. If your argument was straight to the point and your evidence was easy to follow, the only thing you'll need to do is summarize each point briefly and end by repeating your thesis statement. This will allow you to finish your conclusion with less than 5-6 sentences.