The Top 10 Fresh Ideas For Writing An Essay On Freedom

In certain parts of western civilization, people take freedom for granted. In trying times, with incidents and groups such as ISIS, people are reminded just how valuable this liberty is. You may find that in these trying times, you teacher will give a writing assignment on this valuable liberty and unalienable right. Look to this fresh essay title ideas the next time that happens.

Innovative Titles for Essays on Freedom

  • Sons of Liberty-what was their impact and do we have any Sons of Liberty in today's society? Insulting Religions-how much is too far and is this extreme satirizing on religion too much or is it a given right
  • The Groups that Bring Us Down-what groups or organizations have tired to restrict our basic rights and why
  • Thomas Jefferson-if you need to write about the man of unalienable rights, Jefferson would be the person to write about
  • The Works of Thomas Paine-if you have to explore the written world of freedoms in America, write about Thomas Paine
  • The CIA, FBI, and NCIS-do this groups restrict your rights or do they guarantee your rights, make sure to discuss the different ways in which the organizations act
  • 9-11-the consequences of 9-11 have been tremendous, so did this act of terrorism impact your basic God-given rights
  • Police Forces and Freedom-do police forces take away your rights or do they protect your rights, make sure to mention recent cases and incidents in which this idea has been exhibited
  • The Amendments and Polices of the World-investigate the different laws from different major countries which guarantee their people basic rights
  • People Who Have Been Silenced or Denied their Rights-investigate cases in which people were denied their rights and they then pursued the issues in the occur to law, make sure to discuss how the cases were decided

Freedom should be guaranteed for all people, but we all know it is not guaranteed in certain parts of the world. Some countries are extremely prohibitive of what their citizens can and cannot do. This idea is why teachers in English, Law, and Social Studies classes often assign this tope for a composition. The problem with often-used topics is that the supply of innovative topics is limited. Use this list of ten new and exciting topics the next time you are assigned this topic in your class.