A List Of Powerful Topics For Your Cause And Effect Essay On The Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution is one of the biggest revolutions to have hit the world. The revolution transformed the entire Roman Empire, giving it a new dimension altogether. It had a huge impact in the world history, affecting the lives of several people. The revolution is very interesting and inspiring.

No wonder, it has always been a hot topic of discussion. The following list of powerful essay topics will help in your endeavour to understand the various aspects; causes and impact of the Revolution better.

  • 1905: A year that sowed the seeds for a big revolution and revolt in the Russian history and democracy
  • A peek into the life of Nicholas Romanov and his important and inspiring role in the Russian Revolution
  • The underlying root cause that was instrumental in triggering the biggest and the greatest revolt in the Russian history
  • The Kronstadt Navel Base: an integral and significant part of the great Russian Revolution
  • The Russian Revolt: a decision taken in haste or a well planned and executed revolt
  • Jealousy, treachery and the murder of Rasputin that paved the way for the Russian revolt
  • The inevitable consequences of the Russian Revolution on the western countries and their civilizations
  • Joseph Stalin; a born leader with great power and leadership qualities, who led the famous Stalinist Revolution
  • The Russian Revolt: a pro to few, a corn to many
  • The Russian weakness and inadequacy exposed in the First World War paved the way for the Russian revolt
  • The Russian revolt: a revolution that completely destroyed the Russian Empire, to mark the emergence of a more powerful Soviet Union
  • The historical importance of Vladimir Lenin's revolt and its impact in the inevitable downfall of Marxism and the rise of Leninism
  • The Bolshevik Revolution: a very powerful and successful revolution in the Russian history, that marked the beginning of communism in Russia
  • The position of women in Russia post the revolution
  • Was the Russian Revolution a real fight against corruption for the betterment of the common people of Russia
  • What was the fundamental reason behind Kerensky's handing over the powers to the Bolsheviks
  • Could the second big revolution that struck Russia in 1917 be avoided
  • The changes that were brought about by the second revolution in Russia

While you may always draw inspiration from these topics, it is always a great thing to come up with something original and unpublished.