Argumentative Essay - How to Select an Unusual Topic?

When choosing a topic for an argumentative essay assignment, it's a good idea to make your topic a unique, unusual one. There are a few reasons for this:

  • It'll make the essay more fun to write, and more fun to write means you'll finish it faster and do a better job
  • It's likely to earn a better grade than writing a run of the mill argumentative essay
  • It'll make the essay easier - unusual topics are usually more controversial, which means there's more material for forming a persuasive argument

Searching for Inspiration for an Unusual Topic

There are many ways to find an unusual topic to write your argumentative essay assignment about. One of the best is to choose a subject which you're interested in and then search for related controversies. For example, if you're interested in visual arts, or films, enter those terms in a search engine along with the term "controversy" and you'll find a wealth of potential essay topics.

Another way to find an unusual topic for your essay to choose a topic which itself is not that unusual, but choose an unusual position to argue from. Suggest an unusual or unique solution to a common problem. Yet another way to choose an unusual topic is to support an argument you yourself believe to be outlandish. Sometimes, figuring out ways to support an argument you don't agree with yourself can be an excellent research and writing exercise.

Finally, choose a position for your topic that is radical, whether or not you agree with it. While most people don't agree with the PETA opinion that owning companion animals should be outlawed, choosing to argue that position can make for an extremely intriguing argumentative essay.

Why Choosing an Unusual Topic Will Earn Better Grades

Your instructor is likely to recognize that you don't agree with an outlandish position, or hold extremely radical opinions. Even if the radical opinion is one that you do sincerely hold, and which they disagree with, a writing professor will immediately recognize the necessary skill it requires to choose and defend such an unusual topic.

Furthermore, even instructors are not immune to boredom. Your unusual topic will offer them a break from the other, more common essay topics and arguments they're reading. Whether or not those essays are equally as well crafted, yours will stand out, and be fun to read.